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For Brides: Mask Proof Makeup

As face masks are becoming an essential part of the new norm, here are some ways to keep your makeup looking fresh and help it to stay put for your wedding!

1. Matte Look If you're into a super dewy korean look, it's almost impossible to maintain that look if you have to wear a mask as the product will be transferred onto the mask within minutes. Instead, opt for matte foundations and concealers for a longer lasting finish.

Do also remember to powder your face especially around the nose area where contact is more frequented by the mask.

2. Primer & Setting Spray Many of us are accustomed to using setting spray in Singapore, due to the weather being so unforgivingly hot & humid.

Additionally, with a mask, an increase of moisture will be present around the face area due to the heat trapped in the masks. Making it even more vital that we use a primer that complemented the foundation formula that you are using, to make it last longer. Lastly, seal your makeup tight with setting spray.

3. Wear Smudge Proof Lipsticks Our pick for smudge proof lipsticks will have to be matte lipsticks. (of course) It is so that lipstick does not transfer onto the masks; neither would it be smudged when you remove your mask.

To get that beautiful plump lips even with a matte texture, pick a sophisticated formula that is not overly drying, and make sure to exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub prior to applying it!

Other alternatives include liquid lipsticks, lip stains or you can even apply some loose powder over the lipstick.

4. Pick your masks wisely. After much trial and errors, we figured that an adjustable satin mask is your best bet if you want to limit the amount of smudges and transfer for makeup.

Wear a loose mask without a metal band at the nose area so that marks and prints are also not incurred after wearing them for a long period of time. 5. Hydrate your skin. We can’t emphasize enough how important skincare before makeup is. To achieve a flawless canvas that will not turn dry and cakey throughout the day, remember to: Hydrate, Hydrate and.. Yes you’ve guessed it, hydrate -- Within and Out.

Drink more water (plain please) and make sure to diligently apply hydrating masks so that your skin is ready for a longer lasting makeup makeover. 6. Touch ups are essential! With the constant wearing and removing mask, it is essential to prepare a few makeup items should you really need to do a simple touchup before your important speech or even the taking of photos.

Some items that we recommend brides to prepare will be: - a small portable mirror; - mattifying powder / loose powder; - blotter to blot away oil and sweat and - lastly your favourite matte lipstick

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