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How Pandemic changes the way we look

Many things in life have changed since COVID-19 hit the planet, including beauty routines. In fact, more women are using facial skincare products today compared to one year ago, according to new findings from The NPD Group’s 2020 Women’s Facial Skincare Consumer Report. In addition, lifestyle changes including the effects of COVID-19 have in many ways altered their skincare routines in a positive way. Especially vegan products are on the rise. Having to wear mask everyday, some women developed maskne or left make up stains on the mask. Another trend to note, more people are out on zoom or doing facebook live and become very wary of their looks facing cameras. Henceforth, this first ebook is written to help women to counteract beauty issues being faced during pandemic. Hope my readers will enjoy the book which is particularly written for beauty issues in pandemic condition. Happy reading!

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