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How to create Wonder Woman Halloween Make Up based on Face Paint and Make Up

By Michelle Goh

One of the things I love the most about makeup is its ability to impart confidence. The other day I wasn’t feeling the greatest and rather than doing nothing I decided that nothing could make me feel better than turning my friend into Wonder Woman!

I remember watching old reruns of Wonder Woman Show as a child and thinking she was so strong and so beautiful. Alas, I feel inspired to use my friend as 'guinea pig' to be turned into Wonder Woman this Halloween.

Before Make Up

The latest version of Wonder Woman ditches the classic red lipstick for more of a fresh face. I used foundation/concealer on top on face primer and orange eye shadow together with thick falsies and orange blush based on her skin tone.

I also used face paint (gold and red) to paint on her signature headband! My friend had this amazing statement cuff already but you could easily use the same gold pigment (to mix with liquid) for easy and more even application as face paint is not easy to even out on face.

Of course I had to try a comic book version too! I love all the pop art makeup looks floating around right now…simple black and white lines (using white and black eyeliner) to accentuate facial structure, add red lipstick and there you go!

How amazing is it that makeup can show on the outside how we want to feel on the inside? It definitely feels good to turn ourselves into wonder woman for one day!

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