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New Makeup Toy for Pretty Peepers Without Messy Glue

Anyone who’s tried wearing fake eyelashes knows the struggle of applying them. Even those who are pros slip up once in a while, and let me tell you, getting lash glue in your eye is not fun at all.

Put an end to the tough and time-consuming process by switching to magnetic lashes instead. With zero glue involved, they’ll give you the fluttery peepers you crave in a matter of seconds. Who knows, they might even replace your expensive lash extensions.

Enter MLEN and their game-changing faux mink magnetic lashes which can be reused as many times up till 200 times. Those who prefer to keep it sweet and simple need not feel left out, as there are also more natural-looking picks that can be worn for casual everyday events.

A set of 2 pairs costs $88.00. They're well worth what you're paying for, and there are tons of satisfied customers raving about them on a daily basis! Act fast, as restocks tend to get sold out in a matter of minutes.

The effect is pretty nice though, and the lashes stayed on all day. It's probably a bit much (both in terms of the look and the effort) for stay home days, but once we can go out again, we now know we have magnetic lashes in our beauty arsenal.

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