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Silky Intense Oil Serum (Calendula)

An oil-based serum with so much treatments inside, and a very lightweight texture leaving your skin silky intense with benefits.


Created especially for all skin types, this non-oily oil serum is really super-duper easy to penetrate into your skin, leaving your skin a silky smooth after feel. Besides, we use a very lightweight carrier oil, so that it gives a very smooth gliding and lightweight second-skin feel.


This oil serum is crafted with carefully selected world’s best essential oil. We included Omegalight in the formula as the most powerful brightening agent by compatibly working with the melanin in the skin. We proudly present to you this amazing Omegalight as it is clinically proven by the scientist that you would never find in the others.


Argan oil has always been the nation love to nourish the skin with bundles of natural Vitamin E. Vitamin B-Complex inside Jojoba oil keep your dry skin moisturized and deeply hydrated. Chia seed oil soothing your irritated skin, reduces skin redness, and restores your skin barrier. Tea tree oil widely used to treat acnes with its anti-inflammation properties. Besides anti-aging, Rose essential oil also an aromatherapy with its calming scent.


Rock it this way: Use it alone with 2-3 drops and rubs to a warm heat before dap onto the whole face. | Use it with the soulmate duo Melty Glam Aqua Foundation for our signature “MELKY EFFECT” to left you a melty and silky smooth glowing finishing.


Silky Intense Oil Serum (Calendula)

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