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Michelle Goh


Accredited with professional certificate in bridal make up, health meridian and face lifting


April 17, 2021

Fengshui Makeup with Michelle Goh

4:30 pm

Join Shoppaholic Vision in this talk on 17 April at 4.30pm and learn practical and easy ways to apply Feng Shui Make up to dissolve negativities. Find out more via contacting us at 93628893 or 97951088.


- Learn how to read faces and gain an insight of their corresponding personality trait.

- Get to distinguish and interpret people's faces through their forehead, eyebrows, nose and more.

- Learn ways to enhance your features and hide flaws appropriately.

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Michelle Goh

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Your preferred time and location

One to one private lesson with Michelle Goh

“Your very personalized unique beauty journey!”

I will personally help you analyze your personal features, your needs and your existing products face-to-face. Next, will walk-through and give personal advice on your skills and your products/tools, with new insights and revolutionary approach of makeup trends. Do feel free to contact me at 9362 8893 for further information.

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Michelle Goh

Facial Care

March 31, 2021

Eyespa with Eve Phua

7:00 pm

Eye Spa – the ultimate 15 minute handy spa for your tired eyes . Working those long hours in front of computer screens, digital devices, riding those long distances are bound to get your eyes tired and stressed . Eye Spa helps to hydrate eyes, making you feel refreshed and energised. A cool, contemporary, companion anytime, anywhere to help rejuvenate your eyes and boost your productivity.


Eve Phua

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