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Which lash type is suitable for your eye shape?

We know that not all eyes look like, but did you know that there are six distinct eye shapes? And just like that dress that looks incredible on your bestie won’t necessarily suit you too, each of the different eye shapes is better complemented by certain faux lashes styles than others.

Our guide below explains how to tell which of the six types of eye shapes you have, and then which of our Korean Mink lashes styles we’d recommend for the most flattering and natural look on you.

The different eye shapes – which one is mine?

We can help you to determine your unique eye shape in just 4 simple questions, or less! Follow along to discover your eye shape now.

Question 1: Do you have a crease (an indentation at the top of your eyelids)?

If the answer is Yes, move on to Question 2. If the answer is No, your search ends here – you have monolid eyes. Skip straight to the end of the page to find your perfect false eyelashes!

Question 2: If you placed a straight line across the center of your eyes, would the outer corners by your temples be above or below the line, or right on it?

If your answer is above the line, you have upturned eyes – scroll on down to find your eyelashes style match now.

Conversely, if your answer is below the line, you have downturned eyes. You’ll find our recommendations for your best faux eyelashes further down the page.

If your outer eye corners are right on the imaginary line, i.e. if your eyes are neither upturned nor downturned, then answer the following question to continue.

Question 3: When your eyes are open, is your eyelid crease visible?

If it is not visible, then your eye shape is hooded. We have lashes design that will suit you perfectly – scroll down to find out which one it is!

If your eyelid crease is visible, there’s one final question left to discover which eye shape you have.

Question 4: When you look straight ahead at the mirror, can you see the whites of your eyes below the iris (the colored part)?

If you answered yes, your eye shape is rounded and we have two reusable eyelashes that will be perfect for you. Find out what they are below.

If you answered no, you have almond-shaped eyes – you’ll find your best lashes matches in the next section!

Here is what to look out for:


Your eyes speak volumes – literally.

Depending on your eye shape, there are different styles that we offer at Shoppaholic Vision that are specially designed to enhance your natural peepers – here are the most common ones that we see:


Lucky you! Almond-shaped eyes are arguably the most attractive shape as it naturally points upwards at the corners of the eye and is wide in the centre. This means that your eyes already look “open” without the need for extensions, and a wide range of styles will fit you perfectly!


Round eyes come in second-best, where people with this eye shape tend to have naturally bigger eyes. In order to make it more almond-shaped, it is essential to elongate the corners of the eyes for that sultry and feminine. The only problem is not to overdo it, as you can easily transform your big, bright eyes into a “constantly surprised” or what they call “deer in headlights” appearance. Honey Camellia Mlen Magnetic Lashes (usual price: $88 but priced at $78 at Shoppaholic Vision) will make a nice choice; given its brownish lashes and lengthy lashes at the end, it gives a soft and feminine look.


You have close-set eyes if your eyes are less than one eyeball width apart. This often makes you look more intense and serious than you actually are. This is why it is important that you choose a style that emphasizes the outer corners of your eyes to “pull” them further apart and draw attention away from the inner corners of the eyes.


The opposite of close-set eyes is wide-set eyes, which are eyes that are set more than one eyeball width apart. This causes your face to look wider and out of balance, and choosing a style that draws attention to the inner corners instead is how to create an illusion that your eyes are closer together.


People with single eyelids tend to dislike how their eyes look smaller and more tired.

The best styles for people with monolids are those that help to open the eyes – with the longest lashes concentrated at the centre in order to lift the eyes. Ladies with single eyelids can also benefit most from a stronger curl in order to make their eyes pop! Could also consider Starlight Magnetic Eyelashes if you prefer natural look.


Hooded eyes are similar to monolids in that they make your eyes appear smaller due to the crease of your eyelids hiding your eyes and lashes. People with this eye shape tend to find it difficult to put on eyeliner or mascara as the lash line is often covered and more prone to smudges. Hooded eyes are most commonly seen in Southeast Asian women and just like monolids, will benefit most from a stronger curl. Taiwanese Camellia Magnetic Eyelashes could be considered here; with slight density, it already makes your eyes stand out without looking too heavy.


Downturned eyes tend to droop or point downwards at the corners of the eyes, which is often also seen in mature ladies who are experiencing sagging due to the natural ageing process.

In this case, styles that help to rebalance the eyes and lift it, such as shorter lashes in the inner corners that flare out to the outer corners will work wonders.

Check out our various lashes designs here:

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