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Working from Home - How to look great on zoom?

Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, we spend more time at home than outdoor. As more activities such as work are moved online, our lifestyle changes. So are our day to day grooming habits. Some people might think moving everything online is perfect. You can wear pyjamas and work on your laptop. However, from time to time, we still need to conduct our meetings via online mode. As such, we have to look professional and good to feel great in front of our bosses, colleagues, business associates and clients. Moreover, more and more people are taking screenshots of online meetings conducted through platforms such as Zoom or even have their own livestreams, you should put some effort to reach out for that professional look.

Here are a few tips to help you be camera ready.

If you have only 2 minutes to jump into your call…

Apply a good lipstick. Chuck those nude lipsticks and choose brighter coloured lipsticks if you do not have LED lights to help brighten your face on camera. With less than optimal lighting, a brighter lip colour will help you look fresh and alert for your calls. It can also help you shave off a few years of age. Here are some colours that we recommend. If you do have LED lights, then try to opt for matt colours and foundation to avoid the fattening effects due to lights.

HAUS Matt Creamy Lips - Real Red. Image credit: HAUS

HAUS Matt Creamy Lips - Plump. Image credit: HAUS

If you have 10 minutes before your call begins…

Define your brows after applying lip colour. Eyebrow is one of the key steps in makeup as it enhances your look and shapes your facial features. Defining your eyebrows before your call will make you look groomed. This is especially important if you are having a work call. You will want to look sleek and ready for your discussion ahead.

If you have 15 minutes before your call begins…

Apply some concealer on too. Depending on how your camera is positioned and the lighting in your room, the image shown on screen may emphasise your eye bags or sun spots. It will be good to apply some concealer on your under eye area and check on your camera before the video call commences. Not to forget your contouring steps to slim down your face in front of screen. Plus magnetic eyelashes and eyelid stickers to pep up your eyes (this has slimming effects on your face when your eyes look bigger!)

MLEN Popular Star (My favourite lashes for zoom meetings). Image credit: MLEN

To end off, we would also like to share some grooming taboos and tips for video calls. Here are some cheating tips to look good in front of camera!

  1. No to wet hair! You do not want to look like a mess and have just ran out from a shower. Keep your dry hair neat and tidy for your calls.

  2. If you are in a rush and do not have time to think about clothes to wear, just add on a jacket on top of your tee (not pyjamas, please). It will make you look professional.

  3. Adjust your camera before you start your calls. Ensure the camera is at your eye level so that your features can be seen nicely on screen. Do not align your camera below your eye level. This will distort your face and is definitely not flattering for you. It will also make your double chin (if any) look more pronounced.

  4. Remove your makeup thoroughly. It does not matter if you just have your lipstick on or eyebrow drawn. Proper cleansing using makeup remover and cleanser are required on a daily basis. This will prevent you from having dry chapped lips and blemishes on your face.

That’s all we have for now.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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